Winter Hospital Bag Essential Items

Whether you’re having your baby in winter, summer or fall, one thing is for sure; you do not want to be running back and forth trying to get things that you’ve forgotten to pack in your Hospital bag.


My first baby is a fall baby, and being my first pregnancy, I was super organised and had my Hospital bag packed by the way before my third trimester.


However, the second time around came, and I thought I knew it all. I left all the packing to last minute.

Last minute. My contractions started at 5 am, and I was packing my Hospital bag at 6 am on a winter morning! It was not fun, and my husband had to go back so many times to get things that I needed but didn’t even bother buying because I just didn’t even think of them – well with having a winter baby.

I’ve decided to make a full list of items you might need all year round but included some specifically for winter deliveries.




  • Warm loose comfy socks. Disposable ones to wear during labour and delivery, and non-disposable ones you can wear after. For many biological reasons, the labour room is kept cold to help maintain a low body temperature. So, you will get cold during labour and you will want to keep them warm. Clean old ones will do just make sure they are not too tight! You will also need some socks after the baby arrives.


  • Hair Ties – Especially if you have long hair. Trust me; you will want it out of your face


  • Vaseline or Lip moisturiser – All that breathing in and out, screaming and sweating will leave your lips dry! Make sure you have something to keep them moisturised – My poor Husband had to be sent out in the cold to get me some.


  • Big Water Bottle – Either with a straw or get one of this sippy one – you will become extremely thirsty and will need to up your water intake postpartum.


  • Dark, front opening loose Shirt – If you can, try to get changed into one of these comfortable shirts when you get into your labour room. When I went to have my son, I was wearing my multi-strap maxi dress (Yes I know what you’re thinking) but as mentioned above and before, my son’s birth was a massive rush, and this was the closest thing I could grab. Having a loose front opening dress shirt made it easier for that skin to skin time with the baby.

It also made breastfeeding a little more accessible too.




Mommy Tip:

Tip: Make sure you buy a couple of undies a size or two bigger than your usual because your pelvis and hips will be fuller than usual after delivery.

I wish someone had told me this because then my poor husband would not have had to go out to get me bigger undies! You also want them big enough to hold a maternity pad. So don’t bother going for those slinky low rise pants.


  • Nursing Bras


  • Breast pads


  • Maternity Pads (Check if the Hospital provides these, while you’re at it, ask them if they provide leakproof bed mats too)


  • Robe for covering up and comfort. You want one that is warm and comfortable and one you can use later on too. 



  • Your own bath towel – If you’re an over-thinker like me, then you will want to take your bath towels!!


  • Perineal Spray  – This spray is amazing for cleaning your down below. Especially if you experience tearing during childbirth and end up having stitches. You can also use this cream if you are unfortunate enough to suffer from postpartum Hermhoids. I always say it’s better to be safe than sorry 🙂


  • Basic Makeup – If you’re anything like me, concealer, mascara and a bit of blush will do. You don’t want to have a full face on anyway (unless it’s for pictures) Because you are going to be cuddling a brand new baby!!



  • Onesies


  • Sleepsuits


  • Hats


  • Socks -You want to stock up those baby socks, you’ll need them.


  • Anti-scratch mittens – anti-scratch mittens. Sometimes, sleepsuits come with sewn on mittens – they come in handy too!





  • Baby blanket (one for the hospital and one for when going home)



  • Phone and charger


  • Snacks and drinks


  • Some reading material – just in case you cant sleep!


  • A few coins for the vending machine – You never know!



  • Soft warm baby blanket.


  • Warm going home outfit – This should cover baby from head to toe.


  • An age-appropriate Car Seat.



  • Comfortable warm going home outfit for you – including a hat, gloves and scarf if necessary!


  • Warm, comfortable pram shoes  for baby


I purposely did not include dad on this list because to be honest, for both my deliveries, my husband didn’t stay long AND because I had both of them mid-morning – around 10 am.

So he was able to nip home to get washed, changed and have a little nap. The hospital I had my babies in do not allow overnight stay either, so overnight it was just baby and me.

So, unfortunately,  I can’t sit here and pretend to advise you on what baby’s daddy will need for an overnight stay etc. However, I would say that whatever it is your pack, let is be the bare minimum necessities.

You do not want to be dragging bags around the hospital. With my son, I had to move 3 TIMES. Twice before delivery and then I was transferred to the post labour ward!



Assess what you think you will need.

All in all, a hospital bag should just have basic items in, don’t overpack by taking unnecessary things to the hospital, especially, if the Hospital provides them – so it’s always a good idea to check what the hospital offers.


Also, remember that you get a Bounty hospital pack with some goodies.

The primary and most important thing to make sure is that you and baby are comfortable and WARM! And make sure that you have warm clothes for both you and baby for going home.

So, there you have it!

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Winter Hospital Bag Essential Items

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