How to treat and prevent diaper rash in a newborn baby


Nobody likes to see their baby suffering from diaper rash. Especially in a newborn baby. It’s unsettling for both baby and mommy.

There are many reasons why your baby may develop diaper rash, whatever the reason, you may want to treat as soon as possible.

If left untreated, the diaper rash can so from just a few blisters on your baby’s bottom to a full patch of open skin – ouch!

There are many many diaper rash remedies out there. From pharmaceutical remedies to natural homemade remedies.

However, you decide to treat your baby’s diaper rash, here are a few steps to consider too.

As they may not only help treat the immediate problem, but they can prevent it from reoccurring.




Firstly, you’ll want to change your baby’s diaper as often as possible.

Most diaper companies will have a recommended time you can realistically leave the diaper on a baby.

I always tend to use my personal judgement too. Don’t forget, every baby is different, the environment in which they are in is also different.

It may also be different from day to day depending on how much they’ve had to drink.

So, use the manufacturer’s recommendation as a guideline, and your judgement for decision making.

I know what you’re asking, how on earth am I going to make a sound judgement when I’m a new parent and never diaper changed before?

Well, newborn diapers from pampers actually have a little yellow indicator the round in the middle of the diaper. And it turns blue when the diaper gets wet – To be honest, for the first few weeks I relied a whole LOT on this. It really helped me learn my baby’s toilet pattern – I know right, sounds so weird!

From then, I started diaper changing around my daughter’s routine. I would make sure she naped in a fresh diaper. changed it after she woke up after her feed. This was the same during the night time.  Her diaper got changed when she woke up for a night feed.

If your baby is anything like my son and wakes up every half hour for a feed, you can always do in clusters of three feeds. So, you’ll know it will be a diaper change every hour and a half to 2 hours.

Mommy tip:

If you’re changing your baby’s diaper during night feeds, make sure you change the diaper BEFORE the feed. You don’t want to disturb your baby once they fall asleep while breastfeeding.




Your baby’s bottom smells sweet enough without the need of all those scented wipes – well, I’m sure every mother thinks this way.

Seriously though, If you find that your baby is continuously developing diaper rash, then you consider ditching scented wipes for water wipes.

Even if your baby doesn’t have diaper rash, I always feel its best to use water wipes – they are 99% water – Yes, I know. 99% is NOT 100%, but its better than a lot less!




To understand the best diaper cream to use, it’s important to understand how diaper creams prevent your baby from developing diaper rash.

Diaper rash occurs when the bacteria from your baby’s urine and bowel movement gets in contact with your baby’s skin and begins to literally digest it – OK. I know. This statement sounds a little crude and a bit like from a horror movie – I’m sorry.

But like I always say, I don’t sugar coat things. And I’m hoping by making you imagine the worst, you will do EVERYTHING you can to prevent your baby from developing diaper rash.

Moving on.

So, the best way for you to prevent your baby from developing diaper rash is to prevent the bacteria from accessing your baby’s skin.

By changing your baby’s diapers often enough AND using an effective diaper cream at EVERY diaper change.

This cream got rid of BOTH my baby’s diaper rashes within days!!



Let’s be blunt about this. We all have our very own favourite brand of diapers. Even before I was a mom, I knew I wanted to put my babies in pampers – I guess they didn’t spend a whole lot of money on advertising for no reason!

But some diaper brands have very very poor absorption abilities. Even diapers from the same brand will differ in quality and it’s all depending on the material they use and their target intention are for that products.

For example, Pampers Baby Dry worked fantastic for my babies. BUT put them in Pampers Active Dry, and they were guaranteed to get diaper rash!

So, while another mommy would swear by a brand of diapers, take it upon yourself to see if they are a good fit for your baby (no pun intended) 🙂

Your baby is NOT their baby. If their recommended brand does not work for you, change it. See if something else will.

You will be surprised that at times the supermarket’s own brand of diapers work better than the household brands – and cost less too!




There’s no harm in leaving your baby in their bare bottom for a few minutes between each diaper change.

Your baby’s bottom gets all sweaty and clammy under all that diaper and clothes. I know sometimes, I used to layer my baby like there’s no tomorrow. As if a diaper is not thick enough!

Leaving the diaper off or a few minutes allows your baby’s bottom to breathe and remain dry for a few minutes.



So, you’ve done all the above but your baby is STILL developing diaper rash or you’re just unable to treat the existing one.

Go and a doctor.

Leaving diaper rash untreated for a long time can have a terrible effect on your baby’s skin.

Seek medical attention if the diaper rash is coupled with a

  • High temperature.
  • Is bleeding or oozing puss.
  • Your baby refuses to feed or is extremely irritable and crying non-stop.

Diaper rash is NOT  a pleasant thing that your baby can ‘just live with’ so, you’ll want to sort it out as soon as possible.




Diaper rash is the result of the bacteria from your baby’s urine and bowel movement getting in contact with your baby’s skin and irritating it. There are many reasons why your baby may develop diaper rash and it’s always important to try and treat the diaper rash at it’s earliest stage possible.

If left untreated, it could be more difficult to get rid of and will leave your baby in extreme discomfort.

There you have it!

I would love to hear your thoughts on this post in the comments below.

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