Must Have Baby Products No One Ever Tells You About

Are you an expectant mommy, or even a new mommy and wondering if you’ve bought EVERYTHING that your baby needs?

What if you’ve missed something important? Wait no, you already bout everything everyone told you right?

The burp cloths, the bibs, you have the onesies, all the gear that you need!

Or do you?

Your baby will most likely develop some conditions that need a remedy.

It’s amazing how many mommies are never told about the really important things that you are going to need in the first 6 months of your baby’s life.

I know I sure was not told about them and I had to go out looking for them at the last minute.

Don’t be like me!

Here are the must-have baby items that you will need and no one ever bothers to telly ou about them – seriously!

Mommy Tip:

I strongly advise you seek medical advice before using some of the products. Please do not substitute the paediatrician’s advice with the advice given in this post.


 Here are some of the baby things you will truly need but no one ever tells you to get them; 



Cradle Cap is a common condition in newborn babies. It usually appears within the first year of birth.

Though neither serious or dangerous, Cradle Cap can be unsightly and I’ve never come across any parent who turns a blind eye to it – and you probably won’t either.

Unfortunately, regular shampoos don’t get rid of cradle cap.

You’ll need Shampoo specific for it. The best one that gets rid of it quickly is Dentinox Cradle Cap Shampoo.

However, if you find it hard to get Dentinox (because, for some reason, it is really hard to come by), the Bella B Bee Gone Cradle Shampoo. Both have similar ingredients that work well in dissolving the Cradle Cap.

You will also want to get yourself one of these bad boy brush/combs to help you remove the Cradle Cap!




Eczema, also known as Atopic Dermatitis, is a condition commonly affects babies under the age of one (although, it may affect adults too).

I have also come to notice that it tends to flare up more in winter, but can be present all year round.

This is a condition that causes the skin to become dry, itchy and cracked. You will need this body wash as it will NOT irritate or dry out your baby’s skin.

It’s very irritating and sore for babies (as you can imagine).

Having a baby with Eczema can be overwhelming, most especially when you’re desperate for it to heal faster.

So, you want something that can treat the condition fast!

Naturally, it’s a good idea to have Oilatum Junior Bath handy. This Baby wash is specifically designed to treat Eczema in babies and it works so well!




If your baby is prone to getting eczema or has naturally dry skin, you want to use a Moisturising Cream that will soak INTO the skin and not just sit ON TOP of the skin. Some moisturisers or body creams can actually worsen the condition rather than help it.

It’s worth noting that you will have to take extra care in making sure your baby’s skin is well moisturised in winter, as the adverse cold weather dries the skin and causes it to crack.

So if you’re having a winter baby, or are going to have an infant during winter, make sure you stock up on some Oilatum cream! This stuff is amazing. Of all the Eczema creams I have used, this has been by far the best.




Fussy babies! Sometimes they cry for a reason, other times, no reason at all. But fussy babies (and non-fussy ones) can benefit from full body massages.

Burts Bees Baby Oil is great for massages. Especially after bath time.

You can also easily use pure olive oil and pure Coconut oil as alternatives.

Giving your baby body massages with natural oils helps relax the baby’s muscles, which in turn, relaxes them. When you massage your baby, their brain releases feel-good hormones that make them happier – How’s that for a stress-free baby?

Baby Massages have also proven to not only stimulate muscle growth but also stimulate the nervous system and increases the baby’s sense of touch.

If nothing else, baby massages will give you and your baby some quality bonding time.




Uuughh! Diaper rashAmong the things that you don’t want your baby to get, nappy rash is like up there on the list!

It’s sore! – even to look at. Its heartbreaking to hear your baby cry because they’ve wet their diaper and the rash hurts!

It’s even worse when you feel like there’s nothing you can do to help them quickly.

You want a Diaper Cream that will have an immediate effect and start working, and working well!

Many, many nappy rash ointments just don’t work as well. 

I would know because, after two months of trying to get rid of my daughters nappy rash, I tried Metanium Nappy Rash Ointment, and her rash was gone within days! – Just like that!

Since then, I’ve never used any other products when treating nappy rash. and I’ve never recommended any other nappy rash product either.

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The cry from a baby suffering from Colic is heartbreaking! I would know this because, like many mommies, I’ve experienced it first hand.

Colic is often described as an excessive, frequent crying in a baby that is otherwise healthy.

The cause of Colic is usually trapped wind in the babies digestive system. In the same way, you have abdominal discomfort when you have trapped wind.

It’s a common problem that tends to start when the baby is only a few weeks old and can last until the baby is between 4 – 6 months.

Which makes sense because this is when the baby is trying to learn how to feed (latch on properly) and the digestive system is getting used to the milk.

But I can tell you its a distressing time for both parents and baby!

My advice, Infest in some Colic remedies.

Mommy Tip:

Always read the label as some remedies can only be administered to babies over 2 months old.

Woodwards Gripe Water is one of the remedies that has been around for years! I took it as a baby, and I’m sure many other mommies did too. It works well, its easier to administer. You will literally start seeing the results soon after your baby takes it.

If your baby is not taking well to Gripe water, you can try Infacol. The consistency is much thicker than Gripe water, but it works just as well!

Mommy Tip:

Have a fussy baby that refuses to take Gripe water? administer it between feeds. I.e between changing breasts (if you’re breastfeeding) or between bottle breaks (if you’re bottle feeding). Tthe element of surprise will not allow for them to refuse!



 It’s bad enough when your baby won’t sleep because they’re teething.

It’s even worse when you don’t have any teething gel or pain reliever to offer them.

My emphasis on having something handy at all times will not stop here. The number of times I hear mommies say

‘Oh my baby started teething last night, he had a temperature and I didn’t have anything to give him’

You have to be prepared for the situation BEFORE it presents itself.

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I always had a bottle of pain relief in the house somewhere. Sometimes two – just in case!

Because babies don’t speak, they can’t tell you when they’re coming down with something, you’ll just know there’s something wrong when that something arrives.

Be prepared. Have some pain relieve around! This last point goes not only to new mommies but mommies in general.

Kids get sick as quickly as they bounce back. You don’t want to have an ill child in the middle of the night and can’t offer them anything to relieve their pain.

Anyone would feel pretty rough if they were unwell and couldn’t get any pain remedy!

So, be prepared!

Most Painkillers can only be administered to babies 2 months and older! Seek medical advice before you administer any medication to your baby. Or if you’re unsure about the dosage.

So, there you have it!

Don’t get so caught up in buying all the pretty clothes and tons of diapers that you forget some of these things.

They will help you when the time comes!

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Found this post helpful? Share your thoughts in the comment below. I would love to hear from you.



Must Have Baby Products No One Ever Tells You About

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