New Mommy Mother's Day Gift Ideas

As Mother’s Day is getting closer and closer, be sure to celebrate the new mommy with gifts that she will love and cherish.

I remember My first Mother’s Day!  Not because I got I got a lovely breakfast, but because it was Special to me.

It felt like I FINALLY got accepted into the Motherhood Club and I wanted to show off my badge of honor :).

That’s how every new mother wants to feel. Special and celebrated. So go ahead, shower that special new mommy with these gifts below.


She deserves it!


New Mommy Humor Mug

I love this mug! It’s so true that you don’t realize just how loud babies are until you’re around one like 24 hours! lol.

This mug is perfect for a new mommy! The humor will keep her going through those late night feeds for sure!






Triple Picture Frame – From Sonogram Scan to Baby 


What I love about this triple frame is the fact that it’s TRIPLE! It’s a perfect first Mother’s Day gift as you can put the first and second baby sonogram scan, while the third frame can be the first photo of your baby!

What an absolute perfect sentimental piece and memorabilia.





New Mama Natural Gift Box With Postpartum Herbal Tea 


If your new mommy has recently given birth, then this gift is PERFECT for them. The Gift Box comes with everything mommy will need to make that perfect postpartum brew, and keep your skin and baby’s skin healthy and moisturized!

What’s included in the Gift Pack:

  • Baby Salve for baby’s diaper area and nooks and crannies (4oz).
  • All Purpose Salve for mom, dad, and fam (1oz). Hands, feet, scrapes, sunburn and so on.
  • Postpartum balancer organic herbal tea for balancing new mama hormones.
  • Stainless steel tea infuser ball.
  • Two luxurious, healing, soothing, and unobtrusive lip balms.




Mommy’s First Mother’s Day Bodysuit 


Aren’t these just the CUTEST! I love that you have a wide range of color options to suit your taste! This is a perfect first Mother’s Day Gift for both new mommy and new baby to share!




Silicone Baby Teething Necklace


OK, So we all know that babies have a massive fascination and love for jewelry. Not to wear, but to put straight into their MOUTH.

This teething necklace is super, super practical AND fashionable. I love the color mix and the little flower pendant.

The necklace is made of 100% BPA free Silicone that is safe for baby. It also comes with an adjustable and ‘break free’ toggle at the back for safety. I Think this is more hygienic than having loose teething toys that will go everywhere!! Especially when you’re out and about.

Look good while your baby soothes his gums!






Mommy’s Special Sippy Cup 


Don’t fancy having a hot beverage? Then this mommy sippy cup is the ONE! It’s trendy and cute.




Happy First Mothers Day – Cheers!

This First Mother’s Day mug just says it all! I don’t even think I need to say more! 🙂







Green Canyon Spa in Tote Bag


A Spa in a bag!! OH MY!! For a New Mommy, this is like receiving Heavenly Hugs in a pink bag! I’ll let you close your eyes and imagine that one….pure bliss!








Stylish Non-Momsie Diaper Bag


OK, So, whoever said diaper bags have to be boring. yes, this is a DIAPER BAG! You no longer have to carry two bags just to be practical AND trendy. Now,  BAAM!! your new mommy can kill two birds with one stone!







If your special half will still be carrying the baby when Mother’s Day arrives, be sure to check out these Unique Mother’s Day Gifts For Mothers-to-be.

Well, there you have it!

Happy Mother’s Day!


Mother's Day Gifts For New Mothers


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