You know how all the weird thoughts come to you when you’re laid in bed and have nothing else to think about other than just random things?Just like any other relationship that we have,  our relationship with money is much the same.

Well, this happened to me. I was trying to understand how some people are able to have a good relationship with money, while others have no clue.Just like any other relationship that we have,  our relationship with money is much the same.

And then it hit me. Just like any other relationship that we have,  our relationship with money is much the same.

You see, Just like any other relationship that we have,  our relationship with money is much the same.

I did not understand that people could have a working relationship with money. Because to me, money was well..just money.

As a child, I was never really taught how to handle money.

And as I got older my understanding of money did not change. As a student at the university, I was constantly going out spending every penny that I have without much thought.

I went through a time when I was trying to learn about money and my personal finance management. But I just didn’t know where I was with money.

I didn’t know what my situation or my current financial status was. It’s very hard to improve your financial status if you don’t know where you are.

So in simplest terms, I am going to put the different types of financial status in comparison to the relationships that we have in our daily living with people.


Being single, in this case, relates to having NO MONEY. You’re broke, and hardly ever have any spare cash.

It also means that you are unable to manage your Your finances as a result of lacking money. This does not necessarily mean that money is not available to you.

It just means that when money is available it does not stay for a long time. You don’t give money enough time to ‘get to know it’ and part with it very quickly. You are mostly left out of outings because you’re broke.

Basically, having money constantly around is not part of your daily life.


Similar to the single status, when you have a complicated relationship with money it implies that money is there available for you but you do not know when the money is coming in or when it’s going out.

You and money do not seem to have a respectable relationship with each other. As a result, you are careless with money and not intentional in how you use it.

In return, any money that you do have in your bank account or wallet is used carelessly and therefore the money does not work for you.

Put it simply you spend money and knowingly for Wrexham hope you go for shopping sprees without knowing your limits.

Love is there for money when it’s around, and hate is there for money when it’s not around.


Right, Being in a relationship with money is when things really start to get interesting. You start being more intentional in your spending! As such, you are able to have money around you more often. 

You can go out, and spend a little more on yourself with the spare cash that you have. This new relationship can come about through changes that you have made.

For example, you may have started saving more or just increased your means of income. either way, you have more money and not always broke.

You continue to build a positive relationship with money by budgeting saving spending well within your means and thinking of the future. Even though you have money, you are still living paycheck to paycheck.

You may be ok with your current status however you know that this is not where you always want to be.

If you’re serious about the changes you want to make, you will want to progress this relationship to the next level right?! You’ll want to make this relationship more ‘official’.

One day you want that money to put a ring on your finger and make it official forever.

Ultimately marriage to money should be what most people aim for. This will be discussed later.


Most people would ridicule The thought of being engaged to money, but hear me out. Just like any other relationship, engagement to money, in this sense, is like having a promise of security.

This could be you getting a better job, one that gives you more financial stability, one that promises to care for you in the long run by providing better benefits.

Being engaged means that you are no longer living from paycheck to paycheck.

You are more secure in the relationship,  but not secure enough to build a home. In other words, you have a little bit more disposable income and this income comes from your positive relationship with money.

After you have done your budgeting and savings. It means that you can use that extra income to treat yourself.

At this point, your money is working for you. It’s not working to its maximum capacity, however, it is there for you when you need it. And just like a fiance, your money will always have your back.

This kind of relationship, like any other, takes time and work. You have to go through the motion of being ‘single’ or broke to really value money.

Once you start value its presence, keeping money will become easier.


marriage, to most people, is a dream! It signifies security it signifies comfort and it also signifies maturity.

When you are married you are promising to be together for eternity to look after one another and be there for each other.

This is the same kind of concept when it comes to being married to money not literally of course. Think of this marriage has money been available to you always.

Also, think of it as you reaching that relationship maturity with money does enable you to keep the money. By way of budgeting saving and making life purchases such as a house a car and obviously may be thinking of starting a family.

It is imperative that one learns to manage their finances before being married

Marriage to money is better me of being wealthy when you have no financial worries no financial was basically you are Rich.

Rich. However being rich I’ve been married to money it does not guarantee that money will be there forever just like many marriages they break down so this can be the same with money, for example, we will love.


In the same way that some marriages do not last forever having money around and bean frame entails sound may not last forever the ability to manage your money and keep it for a while depends on how Well educated you are with your personal finances.

In the same way, that relationship skin breakdown people can lose their money and that separate from that money.

For example, let’s look at people who have acquired money quickly like people who have won the lottery and spend it fall asleep and then lose it.

You may say that when these people up I have this money they were financially sound and waking up marriage position with money.

However there foolish enough and lack of education with personal finances they lost all the money. If you want your marriage with money to last long.

You need to start respecting money and thinking of how it will work for you in the future. The best way to do this is to invest money and to build it so that it multiplies and works for you.

The worst position you want to find yourself in is broke after being rich.


Bit of a weird pot this one. Even for me. And if you’ve read the post to here, I surely applaud you and, well thank you :).

But, for some reason, this was one way in which my crazy brain was able to ‘explain’ the relationships that people have with money and how they can ‘better’ it.

These financial ‘relationship status’ just give an example of how people treat their money. And the kind of relationship they have with money.

Try to identify where you fit in and try to see how you can better yourself financially. It is imperative to assess your current situation with money in order to move forward and Better your financial situation.

If you do not know where you are with money or how to handle money you cannot move forward and you certainly cannot miraculously be better with money.

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  1. October 16, 2017 / 10:10 pm

    This post made me chuckle, but it is so true! I love the analogy:) . Thanks for the funny and very true to life post.

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